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Welcome to the Official Offworld Trading Company Wiki!


Includes the game and: One (1) Gift Key, Dev Almanac, Map Pack, Soundtrack.

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Offworld Trading Company is an economic real-time strategy game from Mohawk Games and Stardock Entertainment. In the game, money, not firepower, is the player's weapon. Players must stake their claims to resources and wrest any advantage they can buying and selling on the real-time marketplace – but greasing some palms on the black market for a timely pirate raid on a rival's supply chain can make all the difference.


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Old World Update #11 - Anais - 免费翻国外墙的app

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Old World Update #10 - Anais - 2020/07/22 22:00

Mod Support Now Available! Old World now supports sharing mods via an in-game Mod Manager powered by Design You can no longer assassinate children younger than 6 years old Art The following Wo...

免费翻国外墙的app - Anais - 2020/07/15 21:13

For more details, read the full update notes. Council Members will now gain boosts from their stat ratings Ambassador Wisdom: +10 Rival Nation Opinion per Wisdom point Charisma: +2 Civics Global per C...

Old World Update #8 - Anais - 2020/07/08 21:08

For more details, read the full update notes. A new Spymaster mission has been added: Slander This mission costs 100 Civics to start, and your Spymaster will gain +20 XP upon completion (Starting the...


Offworld Trading Company Journal: Privatization of Space - 2018/03/15
Love the loading screens? Us too! Now you can have them as wallpapers for your desktop. - 2018/01/29
Limited Supply Dev Journal - 2018/01/18
November Balance Testing - 2017/11/15



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